5 Steps to Relocating as an Empty Nester

May 4th, 2023

Two people shaking hands after selling a house.

Perhaps your children or grandchildren have moved to the beaches of Northeast Florida, as an empty nester with your eye on retirement, you’re interested in living closer to your family and enjoying the coastal lifestyle on Amelia Island, FL. Jason Mudd, Real Estate can help you find the perfect coastal property! Here’s how to organize your key documents as a home buyer, transfer your LLC across state lines, and more.


Connect With a Real Estate Agent

You’ll want to work with a real estate agent who is familiar with every aspect of the unique Amelia Island market. They’ll be able to help you close on a home with plenty of room to host your family in a neighborhood you love! Plus, they’ll direct you to areas that best suit your budget.


Find the Perfect Home

House hunting on Amelia Island can be a lot of fun! It’s a good idea to visit first and explore different areas to determine where you’d most like to live. Plus, you can check out local restaurants, do some shopping, and uncover all that the island has to offer.


Before making any offers, you’ll have to set a realistic home budget. Clackamas Living recommends assessing your monthly income, estimated utility costs and other essential monthly expenses, your potential property taxes, and your savings goals. You’ll want to ensure that your monthly payments on your home won’t interfere with your ability to save for retirement or cover your expenses when you are no longer working. Once you’ve determined your budget, figure out which features you want. This could include yard space, a large kitchen, or a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms.


Digitize and Organize Your Paperwork

Selling your property, buying a new home, and moving involves handling a lot of paperwork. Therefore, it’s a good idea to digitize and categorize all of your relevant documents so that you don’t lose any essential files when you relocate.


As you digitize your files, you might realize that you want to divide a large PDF into several small files. If you need to split a PDF, just use a PDF splitter tool! After saving the file, you can rename and download it to share with other people if necessary.


Register Your Business in Florida

Perhaps you run a business, and you’d like to continue managing it for at least a few more years. To operate your company in Florida, you’ll have to re-register your business. You can file for LLC status in your new home on your own or file through an online formation service – either of these options are more cost-effective than hiring a lawyer. Florida will have its own specific rules for forming an LLC, so keep this in mind as you gather your paperwork.


Plan for a Stress-Free Move

Moving can be exhausting! Once you’ve officially sold your own home, SmartStop Self Storage suggests creating a moving to-do list and timeline, selling items you don’t need, starting the packing process as early as possible, and hiring movers if you have the budget – this will save you time!


Amelia Island offers miles of beaches and vibrant local culture. If you have family in the area, it’s an ideal community to settle down as an empty nester! With these tips, you’ll be able to digitize and manage your real estate documents, move your business with you, and plan out a smooth journey to your new home.

Are you looking for the perfect beach house on Amelia Island? Turn to Jason Mudd, Real Estate for guidance! Call us today at 904-583-1977 to start house hunting.

Photo via Pexels