Why you should consider rooftop solar for your Amelia Island home

November 23rd, 2016

You want your home to be comfortable, safe and welcoming. As your biggest investment, it should also be a good value that helps you both make and save money. That’s why you should consider rooftop solar panels for your Amelia Island home.

Renewable energy is not just the latest buzz phrase, it’s a necessity for the health and longevity of our planet. Rooftop solar panels are growing in popularity nationwide, and for good reasons.






Reason 1: Rooftop solar panels are accessible

Sunshine is abundant in most places and rooftop solar panels can be installed anywhere it shines. As long as your roof receives direct sunlight for a majority of the day or year, solar panels will be effective.

Reason 2: Rooftop solar is affordable

Today, there are several options for those interested in rooftop solar. You can purchase them outright or lease your system. As their acclaim has increased, the price has continued to decrease. The cost of solar panels has dropped more than 70 percent over the past five years. Every home is different so it is vital to get a personalized estimate.

Reason 3: Rooftop solar will help you save money

Studies have shown that solar panels, on average, return two-to-four times their cost in reduced electricity bills. In fact, some customers pay $0 to the utility company. You can save about $4 per watt, or tens of thousands of dollars. They pay for themselves completely in approximately eight years.

Reason 4: You can receive government incentives for choosing rooftop solar

There is a 30 percent investment tax credit which is available until 2019. Additionally, most states have some form of rebates or incentives for renewable energy initiatives. In Florida, you may be eligible for existing loan, rebate or grant programs.

Reason 5: Owned rooftop solar systems increase the value of your home

A recent study by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory analyzed information from eight states over 12 years and found that home buyers were willing to pay more for houses with rooftop solar panels. Many would pay up to $15,000 more. In many cases, this can provide a 100 percent return on investment. By contrast, a kitchen remodel offers about a 60 percent return.

Important information to consider about rooftop solar installation

  • The condition and position of your roof – if your roof is old or not structurally sound, it may need repair first in order to support the rooftop panels. Also, if it is mostly in the shade, you might have to prune back trees and branches to allow for more sun.
  • Different types of solar panels – you can select from frameless panels, those designed to withstand high winds, etc. There is a large inventory to choose from, which can affect cost and performance.
  • Choosing the right solar panel installation company – all companies are not created equal. Make sure that the company you select is accredited by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and that they stand behind their work.

As an Amelia Island Realtor, I recommend A1A Solar for your photovoltaic system needs. Pete and his team provided the rooftop solar panels on my Amelia Island home. They are the top rooftop solar provider in Florida, certified as an NABCEP Solar Installer, State Electrical Contractors License, Thermal and Technical Sales. A1A Solar was also named Florida’s Veteran-Owned Business of the Year 2016 and voted as a one of the Best Places to Work in Jacksonville 2016.

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